SOLEDAD | Pacific Beach

Our challenges were higher than normal noise level, an irregular and difficult lot on which to engineer a site, a constraint budget and quality that had to permeate without compromises.  Spelling success in a project that was forever to follow our future meant having the right team.

My husband our in house structural engineer was of exceptional value to the team.  Surrounded with talent we successfully mitigated the noise level from the street, created more than average natural lighting with 42 windows, allowed nature inside with ocean breeze while captivating ocean views in the distance. The airy and openness of the main floor level gives appearance of a larger that 2,000 s.f. home while at the same time, keeping cozy and private certain area.

The landscape consists of six short half rounded retaining walls framing the property line that separates the house from the streets giving a sense of privacy and space.

The stairs were engineered to create a ventilation shaft within the curve structured reaching from the main floor to the roof top.  It is worth mentioning again that the natural daylight reaches everywhere inclusive of the stairwell. 

The windows were incorporated to allow the natural flow of ocean air and cross ventilation.  Embracing the natural light, natural air flow from the ocean has made the home energy efficient while the design and division of walls have satisfied the acoustic challenge.



The house was designed based on passive solar design techniques. Almost all the windows opening to the busy street are double glazed and fixed to keep the inside quiet. Out of 42 windows only 8 of them are operable which they open to the alley or side street. With the help of the third floor small operable window located on the roof stair landing, we have created cross and stack ventilation which reduces the energy consumption during the summer.